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Rocketworld to open new public fmx training facility

Added on November 2nd, 2012 by ecfmx @ 7:56 pm

We often have emails turn up from kids asking for information about starting freestyle mx so we’ve taken this Article from our good friends at for you all to read just incase you missed it……

Rocketworld is the first motocross park in the UK to fully open it’s doors to freestyle riders. As of 2012, Rocketworld will be hiring out their freestyle set-up for riders to come and practice on!

Rocketworld is located on an airfield in Henstridge, Somerset, and is quickly becoming one of the top action sports parks in the UK. The facility now operates a sick motocross race track, an insane freestyle mountain bike park, a legendary lake jump, the biggest dirt mx jump in the country and now an open to the public FMX park! Owner Chris ‘Rocket’ Rose has been building up Rocketworld for some years now, and is super excited to open the FMX park. As a freestyle rider himself, FMX was the roots of Rocketworld back in the day, so he’s psyched to take the FMX park to the next level in 2012.

The FMX set-up has been designed to be as progressive as possible . 4 main ramps are set at varying distances, starting at 30 foot, and going back 10 feet each time to help riders confidently and safely progress their jumping and ramp skills. Plans are also underway to build a foam pit!

In order to ride the FMX set-up at Rocketworld, you must be a competent rider, and be comfortable on big jumps. A jumping ability assessment may be required before you are let loose on the course.


£50 a day to ride the FMX ramps

£80 a day to ride the FMX ramps and foam pit ( foam pit not yet open )

FMX training with UK pro Jamie Squibb will also be available – Contact Rocket world for pricing and dates.


Ramp Building service:

As if all this wasn’t enough, Rocketworld also offer a Freestyle motocross ramp building service. Rocket has been building ramps for years, and he is renowned as the top FMX ramp builder in the UK. He has built ramps for major events in a range of different sizes and radius’. Rocket’s ramps have been hit by the likes of Eigo Sato, Brody Wilson, Libor Podmol, Hannes Ackerman, Jamie Squibb and Fredrik ‘Frog’ Berggren – all of who have raved about them.  Rocketworld therefore offers the daddy of all FMX ramp ‘try before you buy’ services!



For more info head over to the: Rocketworld Facebook Page or call : 07805529750 or visit

2012 show report

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Hi guys,

Its been a while now since we posted up anything so i thought id right up a quick show report along with a few photos ive taken on my mobile phone along the way to keep you up to date with what we’ve been up to during 2012.

Generally ,as most event organisers would agree the weather hasn’t been on anyone’s side this year, with torrential rain and storms over the majority of the year most events ended up being cancelled due to water logged grounds. We have spent most of the year dodging showers at the events we visited, our first one of the year was meant to be one that myself as an individual was really looking forward to, The South West Suffolk Show, id been trying to achieve a booking local to my home for a few years now and was really excited to take a booking within 2 miles of my house, unfortunately as I’ve just explained, Suffolk had suffered terrible weather the previous 2 weeks to the event date held at Stonham Barns, never the less  we arrived on the Saturday ready and willing to try and put on a good show for the visitors and prepared to brave the wet weather,  on the Saturday the ground had dried up just enough to be able to get the portable ramps set up by the afternoon, our 2 riders of the weekend were Jamie Squibb and Jon Ritchie,they kitted up and we  provided a demo to close the day dodging the puddles and mud dotted around the show arena.

The second day was alot better weather wise and although we had to ride the ramps at a slightly smaller distance than we usually would like to,we managed to put on 3 demos over the duration of the event.

the view of the event grounds on our arrival



















Our second event of 2012 was for one of our regular clients – The Ace Cafe, where we made a return trip for the 3rd year running to Brent Cross Shopping Centre in London for the Street Bike Freestyle Festival. with the media teams turning up in force as usual and the great atmosphere usually associated with an ace cafe event it was  looking to be a awsome event to be part of.

Again, dodging the showers and rearranging schedules we provided the 2 planned demos of the day with Jon Ritchie and Chris Birch putting on a great show for the crowds back flipping over our friends the Fuel Girls in the final demo of the day

Birch has an interview with motors tv




























































Our final stop of 2012 meant a trip back into the capital, this time to Romford for the Havering show, this was the most important show of the year for us guys as it was our 1st show that we had been booked via our new booking agency, by this time the weather had finally sorted itself out with great conditions over the whole weekend, with Jon unfortunatly breaking his arm on his bmx bike during the week before the show it was all down to Birch to entertain the public that visited the local park grounds for the event provided by the local council, we spent the 2 days working with a medievel jousting display team alled Knights Of The Damned,they were a great bucnch of guys and we look forward to possibly working with them again in the future.

Although we only had the one rider, we had some excellent feedback form the event organisers via an email they sent to us via our new agent.

——– Original Message ——–


Havering show


Wed, 29 Aug 2012 12:00:34 +0100


Morning Alan, just to let you know that the motor bike stunt team were one if the best acts I have ever seen,  and that was with only one rider.......Steve





































Its now time to get the EastCoast truck covered up for the winter ready for summer 2013, we are already getting a great deal of interest from events so its looking like next year is going to be a busy one (weather permiting).


Broadening Horizons,The E-C Brand

Added on March 21st, 2012 by ecfmx @ 12:44 am

Phill explains all…

“With the E-C brand regularly associated solely with Freestyle MX, I’ve been trying to relate the brand to other sports such as BMX and Skate, it’s taken a while to put things together as the brand itself still runs on a shoe-string financial budget separated from the freestyle team that carries the same initials of E-C.”


“I’d spent a few years from my late teens into my early 20s riding BMX myself until i decided to return to and concentrate on MX racing again, but during them years i managed to do a lot of traveling, met some great people on the way and came out the other side with  fist full of memories to look back on today, although I’m unable to do much myself anymore due to personal injuries I’d really like to try bridge the gap back in to that lifestyle again for 2012.”


“At this point everything is still quite up in the air as such, ideally at some point i would like to eventually create a fully equipped BMX team to run alongside the FMX guys at our demos- this is something that i will keep working on in the future and work out what the different possibilities are but for the time being, i would like to welcome Shaun Pipe (BMX) and Jamie Dyer (Skate) to the E-C brand, more riders will be announced shortly”….

Shaun Pipe



Jamie Dyer



Jon R’s FMX Road trip update

Added on December 12th, 2011 by ecfmx @ 10:02 pm

If you have been following our blog page over the past few months you will already know that one of our riders Jon Ritchie has made the trip over to spain for the winter months with a few of the other uk guys.

We asked him to keep us up to date with the goings on over there, here is his 1st report back to keep you guys in the loop.

Hey everyone,

It’s been a month pretty much to the day since I docked in “sunny” Spain. To tell you the truth, my time here so far has been somewhat up and down. The first week here was warm with perfect conditions to ride but unfortunately we’d yet to get permission to ride the local freestyle park. The following week the weather turned on its head with heavy rain for a few days causing flash floods and pretty much writing off any chance of riding ramps for that week. To help pass time, I joined a local gym as well as spent a few hours one afternoon hiking up a nearby mountain.

BELOW: View of the local town during the guys  hike up the nearby mountain

Fortunately we were able to get out and ride a couple tracks toward the latter part of the week. The local councils own and maintain the tracks out here and the cool thing is that most of them are open 7 days a week and the added bonus, if not as little as £10 to ride they’re usually free.

BELOW: one of the many local tracks in the town they guys visited

The next two weeks put us back on track. The weather was really good at times and allowed us to get out on the ramps for the first time. The first private facility we rode at was a basic ramp to dirt setup where the ramp is set at 22m. There’s no pushing ramps closer here in Spain, you ride it as it is. At times you here the phrase, Go Big or Go Home… there was no better time for that to apply. Jumping 22m isn’t a big deal once you’ve got the first jump out the way but it took a little while to get comfortable enough to start doing any decent tricks.

BELOW: Jon sticks one of his signature “dead bodies” over one of the Spanish ramp to dirt hits

The second facility which we’ve been given permission to ride consists of 5 ramps, 5 landings and a few others interesting obstacles… The first ramp we rode was at 20m which is pretty similar to what I’ve been riding in the UK so I felt comfortable and was able to trick it pretty much right away. The other 2 ramps tell a slightly different tale… the 22.5m (75ft) ramp is kinda tricky to judge, the landing is high and its just a gnarly looking hit. Long story short, I OJ’d the first jump, foot slipped off the peg and ended up crashing. Not good for confidence but the only thing to do was get back up and give it another go right away. Now that I’m comfortable on that ramp, its a really good jump and I can see why the other riders seem to favour it. The next hurdle was the 24m (80ft) ramp. Had someone said to me this time last year, that in a years time you will be lining up to jump an 80ft ramp, I would have never believed them. Just like deja vu from the previous ramp, you guessed it, I went LONG!! Fortunately for me, I got off lightly with only a tweaked right shoulder and pulled muscles in my back and neck.

BELOW: A birds eye view of the second facility

Since that little incident I’ve had a few days off the bike to recuperate and will be back, ready to ride tomorrow. I’ll let you know how I get on in my next blog…Have a good Christmas and New Year, and I’ll catch you all in 2012.


We’ll keep all you guys informed of Jons latest blog when its posted along with plenty of other news regarding 2012 in the new year

E-C signs with Ace Cafe again for 2012

Added on October 28th, 2011 by ecfmx @ 7:35 pm

 As you may have already known, us guys at E-C have a real good long standing relationship with the events team at the legendary Ace Cafe in London, we’ve worked with them a fair bit over the last few years performing at various hotrod and custom bike shows over the UK.

Darren from the Ace Cafe contacted us a few weeks ago to ask if we could provide him with details to perform at another 4 large events with them in 2012.

We then provided them with a package that suited both E-C and the Ace Cafe for the future and received this back from Darren via email:

 ”All your hard work and support over the past years have confirmed ECFMX to work with Ace Cafe London on all future events”

We will keep you posted in the near future on the dates and locations where we will be performing along side the Ace Cafe in 2012

Jon Boy heads for Spain

Added on October 26th, 2011 by ecfmx @ 7:54 pm

Before he leaves us all with the wet and cold winter weather we have to look forward to for the next few months, we caught up with our boy and fellow E-C show rider Jon Ritchie to find out what he has planned for the next few months, here’s what he had to say about the situation:

Hey everyone,

With the 2011 season coming to a close and the inevitable winter just around the corner, I thought I’d drop a quick line to let you all know of my plans for the coming months. As of early November, I will be packing up here in the UK and heading to sunny Spain. This plan has been in the pipeline for some time and it’s great to know things have fallen into place as I’d hoped. This decision involved giving up my job, home comforts and steady income to pursue a dream of mine which in reality started way back in 1999 after having watched the first Freestyle Motocross competition at the X-games. The next few months will be spent practicing, training and doing whatever it takes to improve my level of riding, ready for what I hope will be a successful 2012. 

Check back soon for further updates and photos of my time abroad.

Take care and catch you all soon.

Jon Ritchie.

We all wish him the best of luck and look forward to hearing more from Jon in the near future about his latest adventure.

Berts Corner!

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Watch this space for Bert’s views on life on the road, wearing ridiculously bright clothing and other crazy antics of being the ECFMX demo team’s ‘Master of Ceremonies’.

Hello boys and girls its me, BERT !!!

I am the one that you hear during an EastCoast FMX demo. If you’ve seen us guys before you would know that I am a fan of extremely bright clothes, tight jeans, and of course, sun glasses.

Here in Berts corner you are going to be able to get to know the ‘ins and out’ of the team as next year as I will be doing my very own video blog, so you, the public, can know what its like to be part of the most raddest FMX team in the country. I will be taking you on a non stop ride over the next year as we go all across the country showing the UK what Freestyle MX is all about. From the lows of setting up in the rain to the highs of putting on the show to the public and meeting the fans afterwards, behind the scenes footage with the team and our experiences whilst being on the road.

Ill have the camera at every show so if ya fancy a chance to be part of  the “Berts Corner” video blog then don’t be shy ill be asking you, the audience, what the highlights of the show were who’s your favourite rider and what was your best part of the show.


See you guys soon


(Click on image above to see Bert in all his glory…)

Phill’s (ECFMX Team Leader) 2011 Write-up

Added on August 24th, 2011 by ecfmx @ 11:18 am

After a long wet winter building the new portable landing and take-off ramps, the good weather finally arrived and it was time to quickly test the new equipment out and hit the road to the 1st show of 2011 organised by our good friends and long standing clients at Ace Café on Brighton sea front. We all arrived a little nervous as the new equipment had only been previously tested by Jon R for an hour or so the week before.

We had been booked to provide 2 shows during the duration of the event itself which was billed as a custom car show. We had done quite a few bookings for the Ace Café in previous years and we knew that whatever the they organised would be an awesome event to be at. Both of our demos went great, the weather was excellent all day with no wind the crowd was really loud which really encouraged Jon R and Danny Veale to put on a great show, we worked alongside the Fuel Girls and Belinda Challis in her drift car in the arena for the last slot of the day which went down great with the public who had made the trip down to Madera Drive to watch us perform. With great feedback from the riders about the new ramps we packed up and headed back home to prepare for the our next show booking.

Our next event meant a return trip down south to Dunsfold Park, the place where the BBC program Top Gear is filmed for the “Dad’s day out” charity event organised by the Children’s Trust, we performed there last year and kindly got asked back again for 2011.

When we arrived our show area was a lot smaller than we had asked which meant we couldn’t run the ramps at the 70ft gap we usually jump them at, never the less we provided the event with 2 demos through the day, we spent a while between shows talking to the public handing out posters etc. which is always a winner with the kids and it also gave them the chance to take a closer look at the bikes and have photos taken with the guys.

Next stop on the calendar was the British FMX championship at Rougham airfield, the guys had a few weeks to prepare for the competition which was organised by Andy Godbold and Bolddog team.

With all the top riders traveling from different areas over the UK all aiming to take home the 1st official title on offer in years the guys knew they had to practice hard and dial their tricks in to be on top of their game. It was also a great chance for everyone to get together and ride, something that rarely happens as we are all away doing our shows over the year its always been hard to get everyone in the same place on the day. With Birch taking the pro class title, Danny coming in 6th position, Jon R winning the am/up and comers class alongside our good friend Stu Macey following Jon R home in 2nd. We packed up and rode the current east coast practice area for a jam and BBQ the following Sunday before everyone left for the journey home.

Once the Bolddog championships had been and gone it was the start of the Air Devils arena tour, we had been hired to provide the pro FMX segment at each venue of the tour which was financed by Scott May and his Daredevil Stunt Show.

The tour kicked off at Stoke Arena then onto Coventry followed by Aldershot and finishing off at arena Essex. We took along Ryan Pasch, Frazer Swanson, Jon Ritchie and Chris Birch to each event that spanned the majority of the UK over 4 weeks. And watch some awesome up and coming riding from Ben Robinson, Stu Macey, Chris Crouch and Jack Braniff who spent the tour riding Scotts own landing. These guys are getting so good and getting better on a weekly basis.

The Air Devils Tour gave us a brilliant chance to get British FMX out there in front of a good size crowd each weekend while at the same time getting to see other forms of stunt work which was put on by the Scott May crew.

We then packed up our equipment late that final night at arena Essex and travelled down Hastings way over night to do a show for our friends, Broke FMX at the European grass track championships, I’d never seen grass track before and it really did open my eyes, those guys are simply nuts!!!!

Last week we were back working with the Ace Café at Brent Cross Shopping Centre for the Street Fighter event. It was another brilliant fun event with all the familiar faces of the Ace Cafes event team, we also had the chance to experience the Street bike Freestyle Championships which was pretty cool to see.

I now have a few days free before August shows kick off where we will be visiting North Devon, then down on the South coast and then right up into Scotland – it’s gonna be another hectic month!! We are also now starting a new project working together with Chris Birch and his new show ready for 2012; we’ll be at the Showman’s Show promoting with him in October ready for next year.

Well that pretty much sums up the 1st half of 2011 for us, I’ll write in with some more news later in the year!!!

Jon Ritchie’s first blog of the year!

Added on August 23rd, 2011 by ecfmx @ 2:25 pm

Hey everyone – this is the first blog of 2011… a little late in the year, I know, but here’s a little update of what I’ve been up to so far this year.

The year started off kinda slow, the winter was a long one and thinking back, I can’t remember even getting the chance to ride at all between November ’10 and March ’11. So the year really started when I got a call from Phill to test out the new East Coast FMX landing one or two weeks prior to our first show. It was a good chance for me to dust off the cobwebs and get a little practice in before the first show. Practice went well, we had a little issue with the landing, but nothing major and we were all set for Brighton.

March 19th – showed up in Brighton for the Ace Cafe / In-Car-nation event. The weather was perfect and I had a good feeling that this was going to be a good start to the year… probably helped by the fact that the Fuel Girls were there as well ; ) The demos we did went really well, the crowd were enthusiastic and it was good to get some positive feedback while signing autographs at the end. Be sure to check out our “New Pics” section, there’re a few awesome shots from the demo!

April – with no shows booked in this month I took the opportunity to revamp my practice facility near to my hometown. A few changes needed to be made to the landing, run-in and a general tidy up was in order. After I don’t know how many man hours, what is probably now thousands of pounds spent and the headache that has gone with this project, it has all been worthwhile. A big thanks to my buddies that have helped get the place in order, they know who they are. Thanks.

May – another show this month, this time for Dad’s Day Out which was held at the venue where TopGear is filmed. The show went well, we had some trouble with the arena being smaller than preferred. The only solution was to run a slightly smaller gap which makes it a little more difficult to trick but considering the cross wind as well, it was probably safer to run a smaller gap. Danny rode well as always, where I felt like I struggled… maybe it was down to the conditions but I came away with motivation that I wanted to improve. It was good to see the crowd getting involved and once again the feedback we received was all positive! I know that I probably signed more posters that day than I had in the whole of 2010!

June – my main focus this month was on the Bolddog FMX Championship at Rougham Airfield where I competed in the first ACU affiliated Amateur FMX Competition. My run went okay but I was a little disappointed with my last jump. I was planning to do the biggest ‘deadbody’ I’ve ever done but I caught my feet as I went through the bars, looped out as well then caught my feet again coming back. Not how I wanted to end my run but I guess it was enough to get the win. Big props to my buddy, Stu Macey who is killing it this year, and he took home 2nd place. The event itself was really good for our sport and the small scene in the UK, hopefully things progress and we have a full series in 2012.

July – was a busy and good month for sure. Having returned from a weeks holiday surfing in Hossegor I was motivated to get some good riding in. With 3 big shows on the horizon for Scott Mays Air-Devils Tour I needed to get some much needed bike time, especially as we’re jumping a 21m gap at these shows. The weekend before my first show in Coventry, I spent all weekend getting used to jumping 21m at my home setup. Albeit my ramp is a 9m radius and the shows were being done on an 8m radius, it was good to just get the feel for the bigger gap.

First show in Coventry went incredibly well, I was happy with the way I rode and was a good confidence builder for the next two stops as well for the rest of the year.

The next shows was in Aldershot, we were a little unlucky with the weather, it had rained all week prior and we were riding in a field this time, not concrete like the week before. Come showtime, you guessed it, it rained. The run-in was slippery and kinda dangerous so we chose to run a slightly smaller gap, keep things safe and put on the best show we could considering the conditions.

The final stop was at Arena Essex for the first floodlit show of the tour. To date, I think this is the best show I’ve been involved in. There was a good buzz from the crowd and this is a major factor in the influence on how we ride. When the crowd are loud and genuinely enthusiastic, it makes things that much easier… things just seem to flow. The night was topped off by Chris Birch backflipping from ramp-to-ramp on his final jump of the “Best Trick Competition”. The crowd went nuts and he easily took the win! Arena Essex 2011 is one I will definitely remember!

To finish off the month, our final show was again for the Ace Cafe, this time near Brent Shopping Centre, London for the Streetfighter & Stunt Festival. It was nice to be back riding for the Ace Cafe, they always put on a good, well organised event and the other attractions on the day included the Street bike Stunt competition, Drift Car demonstration and of course, the crowd (guys) favourites… the Fuel Girls! We performed two demonstrations on the day, the first show went well but I felt a little sketchy for whatever reason, it was a little windy at times so maybe that had something to do with it. The second show went a lot better, the crowd showed their support and I was happy to go away knowing I’d been able to pull of all my tricks. I look forward to 2012 and the next Ace Cafe event!

For the rest of 2011 I plan to spend as much time on the bike as possible, learn some new things and hopefully start 2012 on a high.

Thanks for reading and hopefully catch you again soon.

Jon Ritchie

“Frankie Bee” goes global

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With the year coming to a close, frank packed up and shipped out to see the new year in with our old friend and EC O.G Joe Stevens, who moved abroard a while ago now and is currently a living in Australia, here’s a few pictures from his recent adventure.

Wanna see more pics and news? Check out these: