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2012 show report

Added on October 12th, 2012 by ecfmx @ 7:31 pm

Hi guys,

Its been a while now since we posted up anything so i thought id right up a quick show report along with a few photos ive taken on my mobile phone along the way to keep you up to date with what we’ve been up to during 2012.

Generally ,as most event organisers would agree the weather hasn’t been on anyone’s side this year, with torrential rain and storms over the majority of the year most events ended up being cancelled due to water logged grounds. We have spent most of the year dodging showers at the events we visited, our first one of the year was meant to be one that myself as an individual was really looking forward to, The South West Suffolk Show, id been trying to achieve a booking local to my home for a few years now and was really excited to take a booking within 2 miles of my house, unfortunately as I’ve just explained, Suffolk had suffered terrible weather the previous 2 weeks to the event date held at Stonham Barns, never the less  we arrived on the Saturday ready and willing to try and put on a good show for the visitors and prepared to brave the wet weather,  on the Saturday the ground had dried up just enough to be able to get the portable ramps set up by the afternoon, our 2 riders of the weekend were Jamie Squibb and Jon Ritchie,they kitted up and we  provided a demo to close the day dodging the puddles and mud dotted around the show arena.

The second day was alot better weather wise and although we had to ride the ramps at a slightly smaller distance than we usually would like to,we managed to put on 3 demos over the duration of the event.

the view of the event grounds on our arrival



















Our second event of 2012 was for one of our regular clients – The Ace Cafe, where we made a return trip for the 3rd year running to Brent Cross Shopping Centre in London for the Street Bike Freestyle Festival. with the media teams turning up in force as usual and the great atmosphere usually associated with an ace cafe event it was  looking to be a awsome event to be part of.

Again, dodging the showers and rearranging schedules we provided the 2 planned demos of the day with Jon Ritchie and Chris Birch putting on a great show for the crowds back flipping over our friends the Fuel Girls in the final demo of the day

Birch has an interview with motors tv




























































Our final stop of 2012 meant a trip back into the capital, this time to Romford for the Havering show, this was the most important show of the year for us guys as it was our 1st show that we had been booked via our new booking agency, by this time the weather had finally sorted itself out with great conditions over the whole weekend, with Jon unfortunatly breaking his arm on his bmx bike during the week before the show it was all down to Birch to entertain the public that visited the local park grounds for the event provided by the local council, we spent the 2 days working with a medievel jousting display team alled Knights Of The Damned,they were a great bucnch of guys and we look forward to possibly working with them again in the future.

Although we only had the one rider, we had some excellent feedback form the event organisers via an email they sent to us via our new agent.

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Havering show


Wed, 29 Aug 2012 12:00:34 +0100


Morning Alan, just to let you know that the motor bike stunt team were one if the best acts I have ever seen,  and that was with only one rider.......Steve





































Its now time to get the EastCoast truck covered up for the winter ready for summer 2013, we are already getting a great deal of interest from events so its looking like next year is going to be a busy one (weather permiting).


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