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Broadening Horizons,The E-C Brand

Added on March 21st, 2012 by ecfmx @ 12:44 am

Phill explains all…

“With the E-C brand regularly associated solely with Freestyle MX, I’ve been trying to relate the brand to other sports such as BMX and Skate, it’s taken a while to put things together as the brand itself still runs on a shoe-string financial budget separated from the freestyle team that carries the same initials of E-C.”


“I’d spent a few years from my late teens into my early 20s riding BMX myself until i decided to return to and concentrate on MX racing again, but during them years i managed to do a lot of traveling, met some great people on the way and came out the other side with  fist full of memories to look back on today, although I’m unable to do much myself anymore due to personal injuries I’d really like to try bridge the gap back in to that lifestyle again for 2012.”


“At this point everything is still quite up in the air as such, ideally at some point i would like to eventually create a fully equipped BMX team to run alongside the FMX guys at our demos- this is something that i will keep working on in the future and work out what the different possibilities are but for the time being, i would like to welcome Shaun Pipe (BMX) and Jamie Dyer (Skate) to the E-C brand, more riders will be announced shortly”….

Shaun Pipe



Jamie Dyer



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